COVID 19 update

Mutekatsu Yodokan will reopen on Thursday 20th May 2021.


Tenshin warrior Samurai school

Here in the Tenshin warrior Samurai school we teach traditional Japanese martial arts based on Japanese sword and warrior values.

Our studies include mainly the art of Iaido (Tenshin ryu style), however other forms of Samurai warfare like Iaijutsu, aiki jujutsu, kenjutsu and Kobudo weapons take big part in our training. We take great interest in Samurai philosophy, history and military tactics.

Members of this club are proud to be affiliated to DNBK organisation.

We train under patronage of our head teacher Shihan Mike Selvey







Tsunami Yodokan Awards and trophies since 2006

Shihan Selvey with Sifu Turner.

Misogi day February 2020.