Mayoral Visit - 2016

Thursday 20th October we were delighted to have the Mayor of Croydon observing our class. Happy to showcase their skills, the students put in 110% effort and were pleased with the extremely positive feedback they received for their hard work and dedication. As a school, we do our best to make sure our class is available to all, and the Mayor of Croydon was particularly pleased to see the amount of diversity in our group. We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to him for his time and kind words, and hope we will have the pleasure of his company again in the future, sword in hand!!

Wales - Treorchy 2016

On Saturday 9th October we were fortunate enough to be invited to wales by Kyoshi Mike Williams to train with Treorchy Aiki Ryu aikido school for a day. Kyoshi Mike Selvey and three students from our own Tsunami Yodokan made the journey and spent the day learning new skills from other masters, as well as passing on some of our own iaido knowledge to those who were able to attend. The day was comprised of learning judo, jujitsu, aikido and iaido in sessions led by Hanshi Roger Payne, Renshi Jim Rooney, Kyoshi Mike Williams and Kyoshi Mike Selvey respectively. A massive thank you to Kyoshi Mike Williams for hosting the day!

Misogi training February 2016

21 Feb 2016 Sturday we traveled down to Worthing seafront. Lovely mild weather.

Shoshinkan Las Vegas, 2015 Nov 7-8

Sensei Dennis visited Steve Lenze Sensei in United States of America

Few words from the host:

I want to thank Dennis Nikandrovs for coming to America and training with us in Las Vegas this last weekend. He taught Iai and kenjitsu as well as participated in Judo, Karate, Aikido and a hilarious session of shiatsu.

Croydon Blues festival 12 Jul 2015

Yes we did it again, but we are more this year!!!

This is what people think:

 Your Group were mesmerizing, Everybody at the festival went totally quiet and stopped moving around and watched. The children were sitting on their mother's knees, astonished -and the music ( shakuhachi) was great, really atmospheric - I've still got that sound in my head now '

'That taller girl was really scary, When she had that sword in her hand, and looked straight at me, I just wanted to run away and hide'.
'That small girl was really good , she had a really fierce look in her eyes - do you teach them that?'

Addiscombe festival May 2015

Misogi ritual South Wales Feb 2015

Quite cold, but worth it.

Croydon Blues festival 12 Jul 2014

Grant and Andrzej  demonstrating some of Iaido forms and Long sword kata.

Excellent feed back, hope to be back next year !!!