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Dear Friends, please sign our guest book.

Website 9. Jan, 2019


Love your page, amazing!!!!

Website 26. Nov, 2018

Claudia Mosqueda

Fantastic site ♡

Website 29. May, 2018

Charlie Turner

Fantastic school with a true master instructor. The level of quality throughout all instructors is sublime, showing patience and thorough knowledge of their art. I would recommend all who have an interest in Martial Arts to enroll and get involved with
this rare and specialist club.

Website 25. Oct, 2017


Love your photos very much.

8. Apr, 2017

Chris Poole

Treorchy seminar. Apart from the education of your Ryu, driving from the outskirts of London to visit us was for me a privalage. I enjoyed the two styles shown and from what I could understand informative. Thank you to both sensei's for your time. I would
also like to say thank you to your student who not only helped me with my cuts but took an active interest in our aikido. I wish you all well in your continuing art and look forward to your instruction in the future. With warm regards. Chris.

Website 21. Mar, 2017


Thanks for all informative and amazing ideas I've learned a lot and am glad I was able to find your site!

1. Feb, 2017


Interesting read of the history lineage and club progress and browse website features. Looking forward to meet and watch some of the group members, participating misogi at Worthing beach as this was brought to my attention from Andrzej.

13. Dec, 2016

Selvey Shihan

Website is looking good

8. Oct, 2015

Adam Bigden

Great website, I love the historical aspects that keep alive where this has come from. The beginners course sounds fantastic! I would encourage anyone interested to enrol!

15. Aug, 2015

Mike Selvey Shihan

Happy Andre has taken the website to a new level

15. Aug, 2015


Happy to be a part of it and proud to make first entry to this guest book