October 28th 2017 13 members of the Tsunami Yodokan dojo attended the annual DNBK ID ‘UK SHIBU TAIKAI’ Gosport, approved by the Honbu under the sanction of the DNBK ID. Participants from all over the United Kingdom and from other nations partook in the prestigious even where they demonstrated outstanding skill and dedication to the Japanese martial arts. The funds from this event allow the tradition of planting a cherry blossom tree in Bedgebury National Park to commemorate the UK-Japan 115th anniversary of Anglo-Japan Alliance and was also in memoriam of the late Hanshi Tattersall and the late Hanshi Fujii.

For the dojo members it was an early start to a Saturday morning with travel underway from 7am to reach Gosport for 9.30am. The event situated in the newly renovated sports centre provided by the marina was a beautiful setting that further added to our high spirits and unshakeable calmness during training. After registration and introductions the opening ceremony of Harai no Gi was conducted, with chosen dojo heads performing forms. Shihan Mike Selvey conducted a powerful display of some of Tenshin Ryu’s finest Iaijutsu forms. The UK Shibu Taikai had a mixture of Aikido, Judo, Iaido Karatedo and the Kendo Kata, split up into five sessions of 1 hour it gave students a chance to try new styles and meet students from other dojos. Our dojo split up and tried a variety of different martial arts, which we all shared what we learnt with the rest of our dojo the following week. A lovely lunch was spent with our students sitting on the Marina enjoying the view. In the afternoon, we regrouped to join our Shihan in sharing our style with other students and in the last session, all our students joined Shuichi Terashima, Renshi 5th Dan to learn the Kendo Kata. This lesson with Sensei Terashima focused on footwork, how to cut correctly and the concepts of fudoshin, zanshin and mushin. While performing hundreds of cuts Sensei got us all to sing along to Mori No Kuma, a Japanese song about a woman meeting a bear in the forest. The purpose of this was to distract us from feeling tired, which enabled us to keep cutting, it also provided much amusement and kept spirits sky high long after the event was over, a concept that Sensei Terashima’s grandfather used when teaching him Kendo. After the training was over, we took an official group photo and the closing ceremony Osame no Gi was performed by the dojo heads.

It was a long but successful day with all our Tsunami Yodokan students travelling home with new skills from other Japanese arts under their belts and a feeling of unity and pride in our dedication to the club, to our teacher and to the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai.
Natalie "Red" Williams

France Butokusai Clermont Ferrand August 2017

Artenium Martial arts and sports centre Clermont Ferrand France

France Butokusai 2017.


Led by Shihan Selvey, Tsunami Yodokan’s team of Geoff Murray, Dennis Nikandrovs, Adam  Bigden, Nathan Bourne, Natalie Williams, Sofia Demetri, Mike Hallam, Crusoe Robinson and Luke Robinson attended this year’s International Butoku Sai and Youth Butoku Sai event in France.  The Butoku Sai is a celebration of the traditional budo qualities of Japanese martial arts and, with 15 countries participating, it was a spectacular gathering at the Artenium Martial Arts and Sports Centre – Clermont-Ferrand.


At the beating of the taiko drum, the president of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai Honbu, Hiroyuki Tesshin Hamada, along with masters of more than a dozen martial disciplines entered the main dojo and welcomed the 500 strong international ‘Budoka’ to open the day’s training program.


Delegates were assigned their classes for both morning and afternoon and they were dismissed to take part in Judo, Karate, Jujutsu, Aikido, Sojutsu, Kobudo Weapons, Iaido and Kendo.  It was a great honour and very interesting to be instructed by the masters with their precise methods and students responded with their focus and appreciation, perfecting their own techniques or trying out new disciplines.  This was a great achievement, since each class was 2 over hours long.


At the end of the training day, with a closing speech from Hanshi Hamada, the taiko drum beat the formal departure of the Japanese delegation to the bowing and clapping of all ‘Budoka’.  However, one last surprise awaited members when the arrived at their hotels – the event was covered by French Television News!  Shihan Selvey and Shodan Nathan Bourne were seen, practicing Sojutsu

 by Crusoe Robinson


Demo Day France Dai Nippon Butoku Kai 2017 


The France Butokai Sai 2017 celebrated the traditions and history of the DNBK not only in Japan but also to those upholding it across the world. Staged in Clermont-Ferrand it commemorated the 159th – 160th anniversary of friendship between France and Japan, the Treaty of 1858, the Treaty of Amity and Commerce between France and Japan and the 110th anniversary of Franco – Japanese Treaty of 1907. It was an event that displayed the unity of all nations with the common bond of upholding the spirit of Budo and to deepen the understanding of cultural history and life of Japan and France. The event forged friendships between nations, bonds between dojos and opened students up to the opportunity to take part in other Japanese Budo disciplines. 


On the final day of the France Butoku Kai Honbu members as well as all international members took part in the closing ceremony demonstrating their disciplines in a 7 minute display. Harai no Gi (Traditional Opening Ceremony) was conducted by Kayoko Watanabe Renshi  in which she displayed the style of Musou Jikiden EishinRyu Shiseikan, a style which emphasies of drawing and cutting the sword in a single fluid motion. It was a rare opportunity to see such an old style of sword conducted in a beautiful and graceful manner by Watanabe, also the students of the Tsunami Yodokan dojo that were fortunate enough to also train with Watanabe on the training day saw that there are undeniable similarities between Tenshin Ryu and Eishin Ryu. 


Demonstrations by the Honbu that followed displayed astounding skill and dedication and allowed students to see the finest from disciplines such as kendo by Nanjo and Isamu Yamamoto, jujutsu by Yutaka Takeda, sojutsu by Hiroo Nakada and Junichi Nagata, karatedo by Masahiko Uemura.


International DNBK members followed for the rest of the morning with several teams on the mats demonstrating their best skills in Karatedo, Jujutsu, Aikido and Iaido for several minutes. The largest team participating in the event was the hosting nation France. With a team of 250 members all on the floor at once, their nation displayed an energetic, disciplined and intense performance. This day was also a special opportunity to the young generation that are currently training in traditional Japanese martial arts, The International Youth Butokai demonstrated their best skills with fierce budo spirit showing that they are the future.


Perhaps the most significant and memorable moment of this day for the Tsunami Dojo was our demonstration. The months leading up to this event our team trained vigorously to perfect the forms Shihan had chosen as the best representation of our style. Our practice extended to outside the dojo, in our personal time and even in the parking space outside our hotel in France. For me after we executed the first seiza form the rest was a blur, but what I do remember was the immense feeling of pride. Our team all dressed in black uniforms with the wave on our chests, we displayed unity and dedication to our style, its history and to our Shihan. In the closing ceremony, awards were given out and our team was presented with the award Shorei Sho (commending team award). To be able to go home to the rest of our club and present this award for our hard work and dedication was such a valuable and memorable moment.

By Natalie ( Red ) Williams 

Cherry tree ceremony Clermont Ferrand France August 2017

France Butokusai 2nd to 5th August 2017. Tsunami team received the team Shorei Sho Award

June 2017 - Congratulations new Shodan and Nidan students

Congratulations to Nathan Bourne, Sofia Demetri, Natalie Williams and Adam Bigden who attained Shodan and to Stuart Knight for being awarded his Nidan grade.

I'm sure I speak for us all when I say we couldnt have achieved this great honour without the trust and dedication of Shihan Mike Selvey.


Watashitachi o oshiete kurete arigatō Shihan. (Thank you for teaching us Shihan).

Addiscombe Festival - May 2017

On Sunday 28th May we attended the Addiscombe Festival. We had a table of objects on show to prompt questions from the curious, and then later performed a demonstration which sampled the Katana, Wakazashi and Jo staff.

The sunshine brought out the public who watched with interest and kindly provided some applause.

Wales - Treorchy April 2017

On Saturday 8th April we attended the Dojo run by Kyoshi Mike Williams. We trained with Treorchy Aiki Ryu aikido school for a day. Kyoshi Mike Selvey, Sensei Geoff Murray and Sofia Demetri participated in a day of Tenshin Ryu Iaido and Aiki Ryu Aikido.

Great day all round, thanks to all those that attended and to Kyoshi Mike Williams for making us feel so welcome.

Misogi February 2017

Sunday 5th February we braved the cool waters of Worthing beach once again. Afterwards we attended Kikyo Yodokan for an extended training session.