TKChallenge. 5 days 1000 cuts

Otani Budo schools took part in the TK 1000 cut challenge 

this was a 5 day event starting with 100 Suburi cuts on day 1 

then going to 300 , 500, 700, and finally on day 5 1000 cuts

this was a worldwide event and an enjoyable challenge.



Renshi Murray. Kyushin.

Jenny Rose and Elliot Rosbottom. Tsunami

Hana Selvey. Tsunami

Sempai Bigden. Tsunami

Sofia Demetri. Tsunami.

Doshi Jones. Tengu


Starting Monday the 16th March 2020 the UK was placed in lockdown due to COVID19,  the students of Otani Budo Schools were asked to film themselves performing one of the twenty nine forms of the tenshinryu Iaido system , these are their films,placed here to commemorate the stressful time the world is experiencing.     Selvey Shihan March 2020


Lockdown Seiza forms.

Lockdown Tachi forms.

Misogi Worthing Feb 2020

students from Tsunami Dojo met on Worthing beach early on Saturday 8th February 2020 the ceremony started with the blessing of the sea and the prayer for the safety of the participants , 

then the students were then conducted in saburi drills and kenjutsu on the beach then we all ventured into the sea to continue the Keiko, the sea was rough that day and was very difficult to keep your footing , that and the cold temperatures made for a good day to test your mind ,body and spirit.

well done to all 

Photo shoot for To-Ken magazine Wimbledon common
By John Miles Equilibrium films .

Photo shoot for To-Ken magazine

Misogi Brecon Wales February 2019


Two of our students learning Iaijutsu at the advanced class.

Misogi Shoreham February 2018

Kagami Biraki

With the advent of a new year comes the celebration of Kagami Biraki, a tradition upheld not only in Japan but in martial arts dojos across the world. We use this time to kick off our journey afresh and look forward to the year ahead, as well as reflect on the one we have just left behind (the name Kagami Biraki can be translated to “opening the mirror,” thus reflection is part of the occasion.)

In line with dojo tradition, every student works in unison to complete up to 1,000 cuts, with some students taking up a heavy training bokken as an extra challenge for themselves! Rather than being competitive, this is a co-operative endeavour and we each encourage eachother to put in our best efforts to complete the task. We also use this time to run through as much of the school syllabus as possible, so every student has a clear view of where they are on their learning journey.

As part of the traditional celebrations, a new bottle (or cask) of Sake is opened and a rice based food is shared amongst dojo members and visitors. Typically in japan Mochi is made for this purpose, however in our dojo we shared in some home made onigiri (rice ball with filling).

The offerings placed on our Kamiza as shown in the picture are a nod to the original meanings of this celebration, from left to right these are:

Sake – From a new bottle, this is to represent a new beginning and is also an offering to the ancestors

Water – To symbolise life, as no life can exist on earth without water

Evergreen bough – For eternal life

Salt – For purification. Many dojos will also spread salt across the floor and sweep this away as part of a cleansing ritual

Rice food (here we have used Onigiri) – Sustainability of life, also wishing for an abundant next harvest

Seminar and Misogi South Wales February 2019

February 2019 saw a group from Tsunami Tengu and Kyushin Yodokan visit Treorchy Aiki ryu 

on the Saturday Keiko in Aikido Jo and Iaijutsu followed by a social gathering by Dojo members 

Then early Sunday morning we travelled to a stunning local waterfall where students and teachers performed the Misogi cleansing ritual.    

An excelent weekend and a powerful and fulfilling experience.

Sensei Stuart Knight